Name all the people who are tried in the king’s court, and give the reasons for their trial.


Following people were tried in the king's court:

1) The merchant was the first accused because the wall of his house collapsed and killed the thief.

2) The second accused was a bricklayer who built the weak wall that collapsed and killed the thief.

3) The third accused was a dancer who distracted the bricklayer, resulting in poor quality of the wall.

4) The fourth accused was a goldsmith who called the dancer again and again to deliver the jewellery. Which in turn led to the distraction of the bricklayer.

5) The fifth accused was merchant's father as his pressure on the goldsmith delayed the finishing of dancer's work. Since the merchant's father has died, the merchant would be executed in his father's place.

6) The last accused was the disciple because the merchant was too thin to be executed by the newly made stake and a fat man was required to fit the stake. The disciple was very fat, hence he was caught.