How does he narrate the story of the tusker? Does it appear to be plausible?


Ishwaran had a great narrative skill. He narrated the story of an elephant by giving a prologue in which he called elephants 'huge well- fed beasts. The tusker destroyed everything that came into the way. It then came to a school ground where the children were playing. It pulled out the football goalpost, tore down the volleyball net, flattened the drum kept for water and uprooted the shrubs. Everyone in school was so afraid that they climbed up to the terrace of the school building. According to Iswaran, he was studying in the junior class at that time. He grabbed a cane from the hands of one of the teachers and ran into the open. The elephant continued grunting and stamping its feet. It looked frightening. However, he moved slowly towards it. When the elephant was ready to rush towards him, he moved forward and whacked its third toe nail. It looked stunned and then collapsed.

The story does not appear to be plausible.