Thinking about the Text
What is Gerrard’s profession? Quote the parts of the play that support your
Gerrard could have been a theatrical artist, perhaps a playwright. There are several parts in the play which suggest that he had something to do with theatre. When he saw the intruder, he said “This is all very melodramatic, not very original, perhaps, but…” When the intruder asked him to talk about himself, he said “At last a sympathetic audience!” He also asked the intruder “Are you American, or is that merely a clever imitation?” Then, when the intruder had told him his plan of killing him and taking over his identity, he said “In most melodramas the villain is foolish enough to delay his killing long enough to be frustrated.” Later, he again said “I said, you were luckier than most melodramatic villains.” When he told the intruder about his false identity in order to save himself, he told him “That’s a disguise outfit; false moustaches and what not”. Finally, after locking him up, he picked up the phone and said “Sorry, I can’t let you have the props in time for rehearsal, I’ve had a spot of bother − quite amusing. I think I’ll put it in my next play.”