Thinking about the Poem

2. Discuss what these phrases mean to you.
(i) a yellow wood
(ii) it was grassy and wanted wear
(iii) the passing there
(iv) leaves no step had trodden black
(v) how way leads on to way

i) Yellow wood represents the autumn season. In the poem, the author has used 'autumn' to symbolise the old age. The poet , here, talks about the later stages of life.
ii) The phrase says that one of the roads was full of grass and seemed to be untrodden because nobody has used that road. 
 iii) The treading of the people on that path.
 iv) The leaves turned black and didn't change their colour because of few people stepping on them. It could represent a path one may have never/seldom taken in life for the fear of uncertainty.
 v) This phrase means how certain decisions one makes in life could pave the way for many other decisions.