Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow: 
The game’s up as far as I’m concerned. Things went wrong with me. I said it with bullets and got away. Unfortunately they got one of my men, and found things the fool should have burnt. Tonight I’m expecting trouble. My bag’s packed ready to clear off. There it is.

INTRUDER:It’s a bag all right and this is a gun all right. What’s all this?

GERRARD:That’s a disguise outfit, false moustaches and what not. Now do you believe me?

INTRUDER:(musingly) I don’t know.

(i) What kind of game does Gerrard talk about? What is the result?

(ii) What trouble is Gerrard expecting and why?

(iii) Find words from the passage which mean the same as:

(a) hoping, (b) by bad luck.


(i) Gerrard here talks about the crime he did. The result is that he killed someone and is wanted by the police.

(ii) Gerrard is expecting police that night becaue one of his men was caught and they found the proofs.

(iii) (a) hoping — expecting.

(6) by bad luck — unfortunately.