Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow: 
GERRARD:Your idea is to elude the police by killing me and taking on my identity?

INTRUDER:Yes, I like the idea.

GERRARD:But are you sure it’s going to help you?

INTRUDER:Now listen here. I’ve got this all planned. I did a job in town. Things went wrong and I killed a cop. Since then I’ve done nothing but dodge.

(i) Why does the intruder want to kill Gerrard?

(ii) Why does Gerrard say it will not help the intruder?

(iii) Find the words from the following passage which mean the same as:

(a) recognition, (b) mislead.


(i) The intruder wants to kill Gerrard in order to take on his identity to elude the police.

(ii) Gerrard says that because he is sure that killing him also will not help the intruder in escaping from the police.

(iii) (a) recognition — identity.

(b) mislead — dodge.