India is a holy land with many temples. Based on your reading of the story, write a paragraph describing your visit to a temple.


Visiting a Temple – Akshar Dham

Recently I visited the Akshar Dham temple. It is a new temple built and opened in 2005 for the public. I went there on a family trip. We all reached the temple at 6 a.m. by car. We parked the car in the park and went to the temple barefoot. We had the necessary things like lamp, vermilion, flowers coconut etc. decorated in a large plate. We entered the temple and were surprised to find people everywhere. There were countless heads as far as we could see. Surprisingly, there wasn’t any jostling up or elbowing aside taking place. Everyone was singing the holy mantras. We also followed them. It didn’t take us long to reach the idol of Shri Narayana Swami. We wondered about the temple to see the marvelous architecture and the great congregation of all religions. There wasn’t any confusion in or around the temple. Therefore the peace, the sacred feeling and the impressive idols together gave it a divine touch. I felt really great to be in such an environment.