Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow:
I consider what route I should take back home. If I were propelled by enthusiasm for travel per se, I would go by bus and train to Patna, then sail up the Ganges past Benares to Allahabad, then up the Jamna, past Agra to Delhi. But I am too exhausted and homesick; today is the last day of August. Go home, I tell myself–move directly towards home. I enter a Nepal Airlines office and buy a ticket for tomorrow’s flight.

(i) Which route would the writer take back home if he were propelled by enthusiasm for travel per se?

(ii) Which route does he decide to take up?

(iii) Find the words/expressions from the passage which indicate the same meaning as in –

(a) by itself, (b) thrill.


(i) He would have taken up the long route to Delhi i.e. to travel by bus and train to Patna, to sail through Ganga from Benaras to Allahabad and then through Jamna from Agra to Delhi.

(ii) He decides to take up the direct route by air to reach Delhi.

(iii) (a) by itself — per se.

(b) thrill — enthusiasm.