Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow:
At the Baudhnath stupa, the Buddhist shrine of Kathmandu, there is, in contrast, a sense of stillness. Its immense white dome is ringed by a road. Small shops stand on its outer edge : many of these are owned by Tibetan immigrants; felt bags, Tibetan prints and silver jewellery can be bought here. There are no crowds : this is a haven of quietness in the busy streets around.

(a) What is the atmosphere inside the Buddhist shrine?

(b) Where do the small shops stand?

(c) What do you understand by ‘a haven of quietness’?


(a) There is a peaceful atmosphere inside the Buddhist shrine.

(b) The small shops stand on the outer edge of the road that encircles the white dome of the shrine.

(c) It means a safe place where one can find peace.