Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow:
A fight breaks out between two monkeys. One chases the other who jumps into a shivalinga, then runs screaming around the temples and down to the river, the holy Bagmati, that flows below. A corpse is being cremated on its banks; washerwomen are at their work and children bathe. From a balcony a basket of flowers and leaves, old offerings now wilted, is dropped into the river. A small shrine half protrudes from the stone platform on the river bank. When it emerges fully, the goddess inside will escape, and the evil period of the Kaliyug will end on earth.

(i) Who fights at the temple and how?

(ii) How is the river Bagmati used by the people there?

(iii) Find the words from the passage which mean the same as –

(a) dried, (b) emerges.


(i) Two monkeys fight at the temple. They chase one another, jump onto the Shivlinga, run around the temples and down to the river.

(ii) The people used the banks of the holy river Bagmati to cremate the dead bodies. Washerwomen wash the clothes here and children bathe. Old, dried flowers are also dropped into the river.

(iii) (a) dried — wilted.

(b) emerges — protrudes.