Based on your reading of the story ‘The Bond of Love’, write a paragraph on the topic : ‘Animals Also Feel the Pleasure of Love and the Pain of Separation.’


Animals Also Feel the Pleasure of Love and the Pain of Separation

Love and freedom - these two are the most important in the life of a living being be it a human being or an animal. Both have emotions and can feel the pleasure of love and the pain of separation. We can say from our personal experience that if love and care is given to a wild a animal, he will become friendly and pet. An unknown bond of love and friendship develops between the humans and the animals. He becomes a member of the family, that too a loved one. Like humans, if he has to stay away from his loved ones, he feels lonely, frets and yearns to meet them. When reunited, he expresses his delight in many a ways. He is just like a small child who cannot live without his parents. Therefore, we should never hurt a pet’s feelings as he feels like we all do.