She had changed his name from Bruno, to Baba, a Hindustani word signifying ‘small bo’. And he could do a few tricks, too. At the command, ‘Baba, wrestle’, or ‘Baba box’, he vigorously tackled anyone who came forward for a rough and tumble. Give him a stick and say ‘Baba, hold gun’, and he pointed the stick at you. Ask him, ‘Baba’, where’s baby ?’ and he immediately produced and cradled affectionately a stump of wood which he had carefully concealed in his straw bed. But because of the tenants’ children, poor Bruno or Baba, had to be kept chained most of the time.

(a) Who does ‘She’ refer to?

(b) What does the word ‘Baba’ signify?

(c) Find out the words from the passage which mean the same as the following:

(i) lovingly.

(ii) hidden.


(a) ‘She’ refers to the narrator’s wife.

(b) The word ‘Baba’ signifies small boy

(c) (i) affectionately.

(ii) concealed.