Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow:
As we watched the fallen animal we were surprised to see that the black fur on its back moved and left the prostrate body. Then we saw it was a baby bear that had been riding on its mother’s back when the sudden shot had killed her. The little creature ran around its prostrate parent making a pitiful noise. I ran up to it to attempt a capture. It scooted into the sugarcane field. Following it with my companions, I was at last able to grab it by scruff of its neck while it snapped and tried to scratch me with its long, hooked claws.

(i) What fell down the dead bear’s body ? Why were the shooters surprised?

(ii) How did the baby bear behave after his mother’s death?

(iii) Find two words (from the passage) opposite in meaning of the following words.

(a) release, (b) enemies.


(i) A baby bear riding on the back of his parent’s body fell from it. The shooters were surprised as it looked like a piece of black fur.

(ii) The baby bear kept running around his parent’s dead body, making sounds.

(iii) (a) release — capture.

(b) enemies — companions.