Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow:
Two years ago we were passing through the sugarcane fields near mysore. People were driving away the wild pigs from the fields by shooting at them. Some were shot and some escaped. We thought that everything was over when suddenly a black sloth bear came out panting in the hot sun.

Now I will not shoot a sloth-bear wantonly but unfortunately for the poor beast, one of my companions did not feel that way about it, and promptly shot the bear on the spot.

(i) Where did the writer find the baby bear?

(ii) How were the wild pigs being driven away? Why?

(iii) Find the words from the passage which mean similar to the words given below:

(a) for no good reason, (b) at once.


(i) The writer found the baby bear near the sugarcane fields near Mysore.

(ii) The wild pigs were being driven out of the sugarcane fields by shooting at them as they destroyed the sugarcane fields.

(iii) (a) for no good reason — wantonly.

(b) at once — promptly.