Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow:

However, the rapid ascent in a fiercely competitive world began nine years before with a level of sacrifice few children would be prepared to endure. Little Maria had not yet celebrated her tenth birthday when she was packed off to train in the United States. That trip to Florida with her father Yuri launched her on the path to success and stardom. But, it also required a heart-wrenching two-year separation from her mother Yelena. That latter was compelled to stay back in Siberia because of visa restrictions. The nine-year-old girl had already learnt an important lesson in life - that tennis excellence would only come at a price.

(i) When did Maria’s progress start?

(ii) How did her trip to Florida help her in her mission?

(iii) Find words which mean the same as.

(a) to bear, (b) forced.


(i) Maria’s progress started nine years ago when she was nine years old.

(ii) Her trip to Florida launched her on the path to success and stardom.

(iii) (a) to bear — to endure.

(b) forced — compelled.