Begging is a blot spot on a nation’s pride. It needs to be discouraged. Based on your reading of the story, give some practical suggestions to end this social menace.


Practical Suggestions on Social Menace of Begging on.

There is no doubt that begging is a blot on a nation’s pride. People begging for alms at traffic signals and streets do not boost a nation’s pride. We need to stop this social menace. First of all we should not give alms at public places like roads and streets. Whenever a beggar is spotted he/ she should be taken to some care homes where he/she can be taken care of. All those who are able to work must be given some work so that they earn their livelihood decently than indulge in begging. We should give them some time to improve and provide them physical, emotional and psychological support. By doing this, we can stop the menace of begging.