Lushkoff became a beggar not by circumstances but by choice. Baaed on your reading the story ‘The Beggar’ write a paragraph on the topic : ‘How Can We Abolish Begging?’


How Can We Abolish Begging?

For most of the beggars, begging has become a habit. Many people with sound health and in their prime become beggars. Even if they are given a chance to rescue themselves from this miserable existence, they would still feel uncomfortable and would go hack to their old habit of begging. It is, indeed, a knotty problem in our society. In order to abolish begging, we must stop indiscriminate alms-giving because begging leads to many social evils. Only those who are crippled, helpless, or homeless should be given alms. Further, the Government should start its own institutions, where widows, orphans and other helpless people may find shelter. This will prevent them from joining the profession. The Government should also pass laws, which should make begging by persons, below a certain age a crime.