“When the last leaf falls, I will die”, said Johnsy with finality. Feeling depressed and rejected like Johnsy is very common in life. Write a paragraph on how we can overcome such feelings.


It is common to feel depressed and rejected. Depression will kill our desire to live and we begin to think about ending our life. There are many ways in which we can get rid of our sadness. First of all we must always have some work to do. When we are busy working with them we have less time to indulge in sad thoughts. Good exercise can take away the negative energy from body. Sound sleep is very important when in depression. After the sleep we feel refreshed. Always have some good friends with whom we can share our feelings and emotions. But our friend should be someone who understands us and is even willing to sacrifice his/her time for us and help us out whenever we feel sad. Make it a point to think positive and hope for the best. Remember sadness or depression is just a passing phase of our life. How soon it will fade away depends on how fast we can handle our emotions.