Natural calamities have become the order of the day. What is more important is how prepared we are to face these tragedies in our lives. Based on your reading of the story, write a paragraph on ‘Preparing the Community for a Natural Disaster.’


Preparing the Community for a Natural Disaster Under such changing global conditions, we can never be sure about the safety of our homes and families. Individuals should get together to form a community organization to fight the natural disasters. First of all, there should be a proper and correct warning system be it governmental or privately maintained. Through social awareness programmes and continuous, regular practice sessions all should be ready to evacuate the affected area. In a comparatively safe area i.e. a high plain vast ground to build up permanent safe shelters with the arrangement of all the basic necessities under them so that people of the community can stay there. We should attend the regular training camps, to know the signals and codes and to contact the governmental organisation to get relief. Besides, we should use such materials to build houses which can withstand the impact of cyclone (flood, earthquake). Buildings should be low rise on solid iron structure, with gap on the sides, made up of cement and brick.