Look at these pairs of sentences.
Penny said to Jody, “Will you be back before dinner?” Penny asked Jody if he would be back before dinner. “How are you feeling, Pa?” asked Jody. Jody asked his father how he was feeling.

Here are some questions in direct speech. Put them into reported speech.
(i) Penny said, “Do you really want it son?”
(ii) Mill-wheel said, “Will he ride back with me?”
(iii) He said to Mill-wheel, “Do you think the fawn is still there?”
(iv) He asked Mill-wheel, “Will you help me find him?”
(v) He said, “Was it up here that Pa got bitten by the snake?”


(i) Penny asked his son if he really wants it.
(ii) Mill-wheel asked him if he would ride back with him.
(iii) He asked Mill-wheel if he thinks the fawn was still there.
(iv) He asked Mill-wheel if he would help him to find him.
(v) He asked if it was up there that his father got bitten by the snake.