Discuss the following points. 
(i) Is the boy Intelligent? If so, what is the evidence of it?
(ii) Does his outlook on the jalebis episode change after Class VIII? Does he see that episode in a new light?
(iii) Why are coins made to 'talk;' in this story? What purpose does it serve?


(i) The boy is intelligent. He won a scholarship. He can think and argue with himself. He can rightly think out the consequences of his actions. But he is human. He is unable to suppress his temptation to eat jalebis for too long.

(ii)  God does not send the money the boy before there is no miracle. The boy thinks that God could do it and it would have done no harm to anybody. But after class 8 his Outlook changes. He realises that if God granted everybody's prayer like that, then nobody would need to do any work. Everybody would just pray and get whatever one asked for. God wants us to learn Whatever one asked for. God wants us to learn new things and work hard to fulfil our needs.

(iii) They say money speaks. When the boy has money in his pocket, he has a desire to spend it and eat jalebis. If he had no money, he would not have been tempted like that. 
In the story, the coins are made to talk. In fact, there is a conflict n the boy's mind. The coins express his wish to eat jalebis. But he tries to suppress that desire.