Work in Small groups

Select and read sentences that show
(i) that the boy is tempted to eat
(ii) that he is feeling guilty
(iii) that he is justifying a wrong deed.


(i) that the boy is tempted to eat
"What are you thinking about? Those fresh, hot jalebis coming out of the Kadhao in the shop over there, they are not coming out for anything. Jalebis are meant in their pocket can eat them. And money isn't  for nothing. Money is meant to be spent and only they spend it, who like jalebis."

(ii) They boy is feeling guilty
"Just this once save me. Order a farishta to pass by and drop just four rupees in my pocket. I promise I will use them only to pay my fees and not to eat jalebis"

(iii) The boy is justifying a wrong deed
"So all right, I admit  I made a mistake. I did n't eat them all by myself, though I fed them to a whole lot of children too. If I'd known the scholarship money would be given next month I would neither have eaten t hem nor fed them to others.