Imagine you are Bepin Choudhury. You have received Chunilal’s letter and feel ashamed that you did not bother to help an old friend down on his luck. Now you want to do something for him. Write a letter to Chunilal promising to help him soon. Or A prank is a childish trick.


Dear Chunilal,

I got your letter and am feeling ashamed and guilty for not bothering to help my old friend in his down luck. I am sorry, I was a bit unsympathetic towards you. I was so engulfed in myself that I did n't even think of our old friendship. You played the trick on me and have taught me a right lesson. A person like me should be taught like this and have learned my lesson. I promise to you, would never repeat this kind of mistake with anyone. But now, I have decided to help you out. I have talked to one of my publisher friends to consider your novel and he has promised me to help you. Besides this, I have talked to my Company's manager and asked him to fix a suitable job for you. I want to apologise for my unfriendly behaviour. Please forgive me and meet me as soon as possible.