Here are a few idioms that you will find in the story. Look for them in the dictionary in the following way.
First, arrange them in the order in which you would find them in a dictionary.
(Clue: An idiom is usually listed under the first noun, verb, adjective or adverb in it. Ignore articles or prepositions in the idiom).
To help you, we have put in bold the word under which you must look for the idiom in the dictionary.)

(i) at/from close quarters  (close: adjective) 
(ii) break into a smile    (break: verb; look under ‘break into something’) 
(iii) carry on (carry: verb) 
(iv) have a clean record (you may find related meanings under both these words) 
(v) beat about the bush  (verb)

Now refer to your dictionary and find out what they mean.
(i) at/from close quarters from nearby
(ii) break into a smile smile/laugh suddenly
(iii) carry on continue
(iv) have a clean record having no bad views or records at one's workplace or in the society
(v) beat about the bush to observe/encounter closely