Do you think Jaya is a brave and sensitive child with a sense of humour? Find instances of her courage, kind nature and humour in the text.


Jaya is a brave and sensitive girl.She was of Velu age but mature for her age. she was ragpicker and knew how to live in the city. she knew where to find food and one have to be careful to not get caught by the police. She is sympathetic and kind. She sees that Velu is alone. She can immediately understand that Velu has run away from home and he is hungry. Jaya is too supportive. She finds food in a garbage bin. She offers a banana and Vada to Velu. She offers rag picking job to him.

She has a great sense of humour. When Velu is hesitant to cross t he road she asks him "What were you doing? Grazing cows". When she saw Velu sitting at the platform, she asked him if he was there to become rich.
There are many more instances that tell usshe is a brave and sensitive girl with a great sense of humour and a desire to help others.