Speaking and Writing

The story shows how a little girl saved the lives of many tourists when a tsunami struck the beach, thanks to the geography lesson that she had learnt at school.
She remembered the visuals of a tsunami and warned her parents. Do you remember any incident when something that you learnt in the classroom helped you in some way outside the classroom?
Write your experiences in a paragraph of about 90–100 words or narrate it to the whole class like an anecdote


I was going to my grandparent's home along with my parents by a car. I was very excited and desperate to meet them as I was going after one year. On the way we were singing, eating and enjoying music. Suddenly the driver stopped teh car. We found a man lying on the road. We got down to see. He was a middle agen well- dressed man lying with his motorcycle. He  was having pain the the chest. I suddenly remembered my science lesson which I had heart attack he has pain on the left side of chest, sweats, a lot and has diffculty in moving and breathing. I remembered the first aid to the given in such condition which my teacher has taught us in the class. I gave him the first aid He felt better then I asked my father to lift him and take him to the hospital in our car.