Given below is the outline of a story. Construct the story using the outline.
A young, newly married doctor _______________ freedom fighter _______________ exiled to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands by the British _______________ infamous Cellular Jail _______________ prisoners tortured _______________ revolt by inmates _______________ doctor hanged _______________ wife waits for his return _______________ becomes old _______________ continues to wait with hope and faith.


There was a young, newly married doctor who lived in a small town. He practised medicine in the town and was very happy. But one day few British soldiers came to his house and caught him calling him a freedom fighter. They exiled him to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands to the infamous Cellular Jail. The wife kept asking the authorities about the status of her husband but all in vain. She could not make them believe that her husband was a simple doctor and not a freedom fighter. There in the jail, the prisoners were tortured and beaten up brutally by the Britishers. One day the inmates revolted. The authorities caught hold of them and hanged them. The doctor was also among them. The wife kept waiting for justice and for her husband to return. She grew old and still even after independence waits with hope and faith. She is 103 years old.