What kind of presents do you like and why? What are the things you keep in mind when you buy presents for others? Discuss with your partner. (For example, you might buy a book because it can be read and re-read over a period of time.)


If I have to select gifts for myself. I would go for books and sports kit. Books are one's best friends. They can be read and re-read and spread knowledge and information. Books are fun to read. Books can be of various kinds. They can be comic books, story books, literature books, poetry books, etc. There are many varieties of books one can select a lot of them depending upon the taste. They never get old or outdated. Moreover, the knowledge gained by them is never lost, or forgotten.
Besides books, sports kit is also one of my best presents as sports keeps me physically fit and healthy. And as there is a saying "a healthy body has a healthy mind" If you are physically strong you can find any problem.
if I have to select a gift for my friend I would purchase a football. He is fond of football and is a very good football player too.