The table below contains a list of nouns and some adjectives. Use as many adjectives as you can to describe each noun. You might come up with some funny descriptions!

Nouns Adjectives
elephant circular, striped, enormous, multicoloured, round, cheerful, wild, blue, red, chubby, large, medium-sized, cold
Elephant: Enormous elephant, cheerful elephant, wild elephant, large elephant, medium-sized elephant.

Face: Circular face, enormous face, multicoloured face, striped face, rounded face, cheerful face, wild face, red face, chubby face, large face, medium-sized face, cold face.

Building: Circular building, enormous building, multicoloured building, round building, blue building, red building, large building, medium-sized building, brick building.

Water: Pool water, enormous water, multicoloured water, cold water, blue water, red water.