What kind of life did Silas lead at Lantern Yard ?


Silas Marner came to Raveloe fifteen years back. Before coming to Raveloe, he lived in a town to the north, named Lantern Yard. Silas Marner of Lantern Yard was absolutely different from the Silas Marner of Raveloe. He was a very religious man and had many friends. Silas had a best friend named William Dane. Silas suffered cataleptic fits, which made William think of him being possessed by Satan. Silas had knowledge of curing diseases with herbs, which he learnt from his mother. The Senior Deacon, who Silas was watching over, died, and the church members also accused him of stealing the bag filled with the church’s’ money. Sara, the girl who Silas got engaged with, broke off with him. With all the happenings going against him, Silas lost his faith in God and man. He left Lantern Yard and came to Raveloe as a man completely opposite of what he used to be.