Answer the following question in 120-150 words:
Describe Marvel as an opportunist.


Thomas Marvel was upset and assaulted during his time with the Invisible Man, he wanted to be free and that is why he offered his resignation. The Invisible Man wanted to use him as a tool so that he could get his work done which he could not do because of his condition. Marvel however did not wanted to be used as a tool for the invisible man and therefore he decided to snivel and grovel his way out of this mess. He said he would be the worst possible tool. By this time Marvel had realized the dangerous situation he had unwillingly got himself into. Marvel began to rant against him saying that he wished he was dead, that it was devilish but it was of no use as they did not have any effect on the invisible man. The Invisible Man threatened to twist his wrist if Marvel did not pipe down.  So, Marvels attempt towards offering his resignation was unsuccessful because the Invisible Man succeeded in bullying and threatening him into submission. He held the key to the three manuscript books which would help perpetuate the state of invisibility for the Invisible Man. If he had not turned on him and given himself up to the police, the Invisible Man would not have been arrested in his demonic task of unleashing a reign of terror. Eventually, Thomas Marvel became the landlord of a little inn near Port Stowe and became the owner of the Invisible Mans prized possessions.