Answer the following question in 120-150 words:
Untouchability is not only a crime, it is inhuman too. Why and how did Bama decide to fight against it?


Bama first encountered untouchability when she saw an elder of her caste walking along the street from the direction of the bazaar. Initially the vision made her  laugh but then she saw the elder walk up straight to the landlord, bowing low and extending the packet towards him.  Bamas brother Annan explained her about the whole incident in detail. He explained that since they were born into a lower community, they were never given any honor, dignity or respect. They had all been stripped of the basic human rights. But if they studied and made progress they could shake off all these indignities. So he advised his sister to study hard and learn everything she could. If she was always ahead in her lessons then people would come to her on their own and attach themselves to her. These words that Annan had spoken to Bama made a very deep impression on her and motivated her to study hard. She stood first in her class and many of the children from upper caste became her friend. In this way, she rebelled against the injustice of untouchability.