Answer the following question in 120 – 150 words:
Garbage to them is gold. How do ragpickers of Seemapuri survive?


Seemapuri is a place on the outskirts of New Delhi. Those who live there are unlawful residents who came from Bangladesh in 1971. It is a place where about 10,000 rag pickers live. They live without identity and have no basic amenities, yet they are happy here because they get food which is more important than identity. It is a slum where they could find many things and rag picking was their only means of survival.

Rag picking was the means of survival for the rag pickers. According to the author, it is their daily bread, a roof over their heads, even if it is a leaking roof. Thus, it is equivalent to gold for them. Besides, for the children it is wrapped in wonder for they, at times, chance upon a rupee, even a ten-rupee note.