You want to spend a week-long holiday at Shimla in the month of October. You have decided to stay at Hotel Snowview. Write a letter in 120-150 words to the manager to book a room. Mention the dates, facilities in the room, food, sight-seeing facilities etc you will need. You are Amar/Amrita M114, Lake Road, Karnal.


M114 Lake Road


March 09, 2017

The Manager,

Hotel Snowview


Subject: Rooms Reservation Request


I am travelling to Shimla in the month of October with fifteen more people. I would like to book 5 rooms for the same. I would like to book rooms inclusive of breakfast and dinner and full time hot water supply. My necessary booking details are as follows:

Arrival: October 05, 2017

Rooms Required: 5 rooms including 2 suits

Departure: October 10, 2017

I request you to confirm the bookings and let me know the details for further inquiries.


Yours truly,

Amar/ Amrita