Write a letter to the Editor, 'Deccan Times', Bangalore about the inadequate parking facilities in the Commercial Street, M.G. Road, which is causing a lot of inconvenience to the people. Offer your suggestions. You are Anoop/Ritu, 24 Hennus Road, Bangalore.


24, Hennus road

16 September 2013

The Editor
Deccan Times

Subject: Lack of parking facilities in commercial street M.G. Road


Through the columns of your popular daily, I would like to draw the attention of the municipal authorities to the inconvenience being faced by the residents of this locality due to inadequate parking facilities in the street.

Sir, this is the most congested area of the city, full of hustle and bustle at all hours. Customers from the nearby localities come to shop on this street. But unfortunately, there is no parking facility. The people park their scooters and cars in front of the shops. This makes the street narrower. The pedestrians find it difficult to walk in the street.

I would like to suggest that the open space near the crossing should be converted into a car/ scooter park. The police constables on duty should instruct the people to park their scooters/cars at the parking space. The people, especially the residents of nearby localities, should co-operate with the administration to solve this problem.

Yours truly