You are Cultural Secretary of PND Xavier School, Jamshedpur. Your school organised, a debate on the topic, 'The impact of reality shows on the younger generation'. Write a report in 100-125 words to be published in 'The Times of India', Jamshedpur.



                         The impact of reality shows on the younger generation

                                                    (By XYZ)  

27th February 2011


Recently our school conducted a debate on 'The impact of reality shows on the younger generation' in which 40 students participated. All the participants were well-prepared. As the topic was very sensitive and thought to provoke, so it became very interesting and listen to the various opinions, particularly of those who are just entering the left of a real world. All the participants were very enthusiastic in presenting their opinions, however, one of our students, Priya Chopra, head girl of our school, was outstanding, and she bagged the prize of the best speaker. She just, by her fearless and bold opinions, shook the conscience of the audience. She said, “Your private life being a reason of mirth and entertainment for millions is not something to be proud of. As youngsters, we have a responsibility to the country. Being part of a multi- lingual, multi-faceted culture and history is our greatest blessing. We need to preserve these values and imbibe only the virtues of other cultures.”  Mr. Nilanjan, HOD, Extracurricular activities concluded the debate with the hope that the media realise their role in this mission and telecast only shows that upheld the dignity and integrity of our culture.