Answer the following in 120-150 words:
Attempt a character sketch of Mrs. Hall.


Mrs. Hall is a seemingly insignificant character who plays a vital role in the novel 'The Invisible Man'. She is warm to her guest. She serves him lunch, takes his clothes to dry them and also shows sympathy mistaking his bandages to be the result of an accident. But she is quite particular about the maintenance of her property. She disliked snow melting on her carpet, snow threatening to rust her steel fender and also the straw after the luggage of her guest was unpacked. She was brave and also had her own sense of judgement. When questioned about her delayed service, she asked her guest for her payment. She was a woman who could not to be fooled easily. She noticed that her guest’s room was empty and wanted to know how he had entered without using the front door. Her intelligent query led to the revelation of her guest’s invisibility.