Answer the following in 120-150 words:
'Evil begets evil.' In the light of this remark, describe the character of Dunstan Cass.

Dunstan Cass and his elder brother were kept idle by their father Squire Cass and this gave Dunstan’s idle brain to weave devilish schemes. He is a negative character and since he got away every time with his evil deeds, he naturally got a boost and kept his evil work going. One evil deed inspired another. He is described by the narrator as a spiteful jeering fellow. He persuaded his brother Godfrey Cass into marrying Molly, blackmailed Godfrey into selling his horse. He ruthlessly skilled the horse by taking a silly risk and left it by the side of the road. He then stole Silas’ gold and also the wild oats Silas had been sowing. Evil deeds brought sheer fun to Dunstan. A reader almost seems relieved when Dustan’s life comes to an end.