Answer the following in 120 - 150 words:                                                       
Even today so many among us believe in superstitions. An astrologer predicted about 'the Tiger King' that he would be killed by a tiger. He 'killed' one hundred tigers yet was himself 'killed' by a tiger. How did the superstitious belief 'prevail'?


The king of Pratibandhapuram came to be known as the ‘Tiger king’ because his whole life revolved around the tigers and their killing. When he was born, the astrologers made a prophecy about his death. They said that the Maharaja’s death would be caused by the hundredth tiger. When the Maharaja got to know about it, he was determined to kill hundred tigers to belie the astrologer’s prophecy. This shows that the Maharaja also believed in the superstition. Unconsciously, the fear of death had given him the courage to prove the prophecy wrong.
After killing all the tigers in his kingdom, he decided to marry a princess whose state had a large tiger population so that he could get hundred tigers to kill. As luck would have it, he shot the hundredth tiger but didn’t ensure that the tiger was dead. That tiger was still alive. Ironically, his death was caused by a wooden tiger. The Maharaja bought a wooden tiger to gift his son. While playing with his son and his wooden tiger, a rough surface pierced the Maharaja’s hand causing an infection that later led to his death. The superstitious belief prevailed as the hundredth tiger became the reason behind the Maharaja's death.