India is a tourist's dream destination. Give your views on the tourism potential of India in an article in 150 - 200 words. You are Navtej/Navita.

  • places of worship - religious tourism
  • foreigners - places of historical interest
  • the rich - hill stations during summers
  • the sun-kissed beaches in winters
  • leisure tourism
  • medical tourism - world class hospitals

                                                          Tourism Potential of India
                                                                  by Navtej
India’s rich geographical, cultural and linguistic diversity has always attracted people around the world to come and explore every part of India. It is discernible that India has a great potential for tourism which is still to be explored. Each century has brought a new culture on to Indian soil leading to a diversified commingling that has shaped modern India. There are so many places of historical interest, heirlooms left over from the various centuries. From the mosques to the temples and churches, India is a living testament to its vast and varied religious heritage. Being a secular country, every religion in India has full liberty to celebrate its special festivals in which the entire country participates as a whole. For those looking to just get away from the madding crowd, hill stations during summers, the sun-kissed beaches in winter and leisure tourism are the go-to options. Over the years, medical tourism has also emerged as an extremely viable option, considering world-class facilities are made available at half the prices here, enabling more and more people to come to India for their healthcare. The options enumerated so far are just some instances of India’s diversified touristic potential. There is so much more waiting to be explored in what can truly be the dream destination for tourists.