The government has banned the use of animals in the laboratories for the purpose of dissection. Write a debate in 150 – 200 words either for or against this decision.


Good morning everyone. Today I am going express my views against the motion for banning the use of animals for dissection. 
Dissection of animals in the school laboratories provide a practical experience for the theoretical knowledge that students gain from books. They procure an opportunity to actually put their learning into practice. It should not be looked at as a wrongful practice because such an activity is meant to develop the student’s knowledge of the elements and functions of the living being. The dissection of animals has a scientific purpose; it is a mode of hands-on education for students such that they learn outside of the pages of the textbook and actually look at what they are being taught. We should give more credit to the sensitivity and intelligence of our students so as not to believe that a dissection class will make them more prone to animal violence. Students should be taught the value of animal life by making them understand how an animal has the same kind of organs as human beings that perform similar functions. The governing philosophy behind teaching students to dissect animals should be that life, whether human or animal, is the same; each living being is tied to each other by their inner similarity. Thus, a ban on dissection of animals in school laboratories would not be the best course of action in such a case. I hope my views on this topic were substantial enough to throw a light on this topic.
 Thank you.