Answer the following in about 100 words:
There is a saying, “Kindness pays, rudeness never”. In the story, ‘The Rattrap’ Edla's attitude towards men and matters is different from her father's attitude. How are the values of concern and compassion brought out in the story, ‘The Rattrap’?

'The Rattrap' is a story of a peddler who used to earn his living by selling small rattraps of wire. Since his business was not profitable, he resorted to petty thievery. Nobody treated him with kindness or respect. The first act of compassion was shown by the crofter who takes the poor peddler in. Bu the peddler stole his money and ran away. Later, he was given a place to stay by the noble ironmaster and his daughter. Though she was suspicious of him, they promised him Christmas cheer. When his truth was discovered, Edla fought with her father for the peddler. She not only requested her father to let the peddler stay for Christmas, but also treated him like a real captain. The peddler was highly touched by this act of concern -143- and compassion and before leaving the house, left the money he had stolen. This shows that goodness is latent in the human heart which can be brought out by love, care and understanding.