Why did Gandhiji agree to a settlement of 25 percent refund to the farmers? How did it influence the peasant and landlord relationship in Champaran?


The commission of enquiry decided to make refunds to the peasants.Gandhi asked for 50%. But the representative of planters offered to refund to the extent of 25%. In order to break the deadlock, Gandhiji agreed to 25 percent refund to the farmers.
For Gandhi, it was not the money but the principles that were of utmost importance. In his belief, the submission of British landlords was more significant than the percentage of refund. He wanted the poor farmers to realise that they too had rights and that they need not really live in fear of the British landlords.
The conflict between the British planters and the peasants changed the plight of the peasants. Within a few years, after the settlement, the British planters abandoned their estates and returned them to the peasants for goods. Thus, indigo sharecropping disappeared.