You are Raman/Ruchika. Write an article in 150-200 words for your school magazine on the topic, ‘Life without Modern Gadgets’.


                                            Life without Modern Gadgets
                                                  By Raman
In today’s life we try to maximize our tasks within an allotted time. Without the use of modern gadgets it is not possible to accomplish our daily tasks and we are also not able to do our work with efficiency. We cannot even dare to imagine our life without laptop, smart phones, cell phones, notebooks, microwaves and so on. Obviously many questions will peer into the mind like how will I keep in touch with my friends and colleagues? How will I text my relatives and friends? Today’s gadgets are the only way we can make our life comfortable and easier.

The advent of technological and scientific development has certainly helped humans to lead a life of comfort, luxury and style. Modern science has developed some revolutionary gadgets. Our markets are flooded with modern gadgets like cell phones, tablets, notepads, etc. and every person has some reason to get his hands over such advanced gadgets. Gadgets have made our life pleasurable like the use of AC during the summer season followed by a room heater during the cold chilly winter seasons. Fans, dryers, washers, sewing machine, air purifiers are all gadgets. Wherever you look you will able to see a gadget. Even for taking care of our hair we need gadgets like hair dryer, hair straightener and so on. 

Man has enslaved himself to such inventions and it is impossible to imagine life without the same. These gadgets, once considered a luxury, have turned into necessity these days. In order to stay in contact with one's family and friends; to stay up-to-date on the happenings of the world, one needs these gadgets. Without these, one would be lost.

Through ultra-modern gadgets and such astonishing inventions, man has been able to give a definite shape to his imagination. As the result of these inventions, our lives have changed beyond recognition.