You are Roshan/Rohini, School Pupil Leader of Meerut Public School, Meerut. Your school joined a campaign organised by various agencies of your city to create awareness among people to conserve water. Write a report in 100-125 word highlighting the activities such as rain water harvesting etc.


                                       Campaign on Water Conservation 
                                                    By Rohini

Meerut, 4 March 2013
A campaign on water conservation was organised by various agencies of the city to create awareness among the public regarding conservation of water. A documentary, featuring the techniques of rain water harvesting, was shown to the people. Besides that, the students formed many groups and went to visit many places where reports of water shortage are prevalent. Also, they handed out booklets containing information about the need to conserve water. The campaign proved to be entertaining as well as a great success. The public showed active involvement in the campaign taking pledged never to waste water. The principal also applauded the efforts of the students and announced that the school will continue to participate in such causes.