Maxim Gorky School, Kodaikanal celebrated ‘Nutrition Week’ from 1st September to 7th September by arranging inter-school cookery contests, oratorical, painting and poster competitions, besides talks by eminent nutritionists and medical professionals. There was an overwhelming response from students and parents. Prepare a report in 100-125 words to be published in your school magazine. You are Arjun/Anita, School Pupil Leader.          


                                               Celebration of Nutrition Week
                                                           By Anita
Kodaikanal, 4 March 2013. Maxim Gorky School, Kodaikanal, celebrated ‘Nutrition Week’ from September (1st to 7th).The celebration was inaugurated by the Minister of Health and family welfare, Ghulam Nabi Azad. The inaugural speech was given by nutrition expert, Mrs Rashmi Wadhwa. She spoke about the importance of developing healthy eating habits. The speeches were followed by cookery contest, salad-making competition, painting and poster making competitions. Students and parents got the opportunity to interact with some noted medical professionals and nutritionists, and gain advice on topics like balanced diet, right food for children, etc. The event got an overwhelming response from all and was a grand success.