Write a brief character sketch of Mr. Frankland, one of the neighbours of Charles Baskerville. Answer in about 125words.


Mr. Frankland is elderly inhabitant with a red face and white hair who seemed to be seriously concerned about challenging the law through numerous litigation cases and astronomy. He liked to spend his days fighting different lawsuits simply for the pleasure and had already spent a fortune in this manner. He can take up both sides of an issue. So, on one hand, he fights for the commoners’ right of passage through private property, while on the other hand, he shuts up a way used by the same commoners citing rights of property. Frankland is also interested in astronomy and keeps a telescope on the roof of his house. He tends to keep a grudge against those who have disappointed him. This is evident in his behaviour towards his daughter Laura, who married without his consent. There is little reason to suspect him rather it can be said that he serves as a much-needed dose of comic relief in an otherwise grim tale.