Both Derry and Lamb are physically impaired and lonely. It is the responsibility of society to understand and support people with infirmities so that they do not suffer from a sense of alienation. As a responsible citizen, write in about 100 words what you would do to bring about a change in the lives of such people.


In the story, both Derry and Lamb are physically impaired and lonely. Such people can live their lives with respect and honour, if they are not ridiculed and punished with heartless pity. These people expect empathy, rather than sympathy, from others. If everyone looks down at them with a pessimistic approach, they may never be able to come out of their sorrow; consequently, they may recline to their own secluded worlds. As responsible citizens, we should understand the tremendous mental and emotional pressure these people go through. Instead of reminding them of their disabilities, we should give them the chance to live a normal life.