Answer any one of the following in 100‒125 words:
What was the General's plan to get rid of the American prisoner? Was it executed? What traits of the General's character are highlighted in the lesson 'The Enemy'?

Dr. Sadao informed the General about the American prisoner and told him that he had operated him successfully. He made it obvious to him that he cared nothing for the man and he is enemy to him. The general promised his help and said that he would not be arrested. The General suggested that he would send his personal assassins to kill the prisoner and then remove his body from Sadao's house, to get rid of the American prisoner. The plan was not executed because the General forgot his promise to send the assassins. The old General had a long expressionless face, which seemed to reflect the cold and calculated ruthlessness of the man as a general. He had an unusual sense of humour and seemed to generate fear in others' hearts quite effortlessly. The General is self-centered and he thinks of his own interest.He does not take any action against Dr Sadao for sheltering the enemy. He is suffering from serious ailments and he always needs his services. He does not get him arrested because he knows that in that case he would not be able to get his services.