Attempt a character sketch of Mrs. Hall.


Mrs. Hall is the owner of the inn ‘Coaches and Horses’. She is friendly, simple, down to earth kind of lady. The first impression that she creates presents her in an unpleasant light. She rents the inn parlour to a stranger without bothering about his credentials simply because he projects himself as a rich customer. At this point, she appears to be an opportunist and money-minded woman. She loves and enjoys talking to her guests. However, the manner in which she puts up with the rude behaviour of Griffin shows that she was actually a very polite hostess who took her duty seriously. She goes out her way to make her guests comfortable. Her courteous behaviour and her hospitality win the appreciation of the readers. Mrs. Hall is quite perturbed by the behaviour of the stranger. She also does not know what to do with his ill temper. But her polite temperament does not make her weak in any way. When the Invisible Man crosses all limits of etiquettes, Mrs. Hall firmly puts her foot down. She does take a strong hand when she refuses to offer any food, till she had received her dues. She stands up courageously against the arrogant Griffin. She charts her way without letting even her husband influence her. Mrs. Hall can thus be considered as an independent businesswoman who is capable of taking her decisions without any support or assistance from others.